Server Hardening
  • CHKRootKit-Detects hacker software and notifies via email
  • RootKit Hunter - A tool which scans for backdoors and malicious softwares present in the server.

  • APF or CSF- A policy based iptables firewall system used for the easy configuration of iptables rules.

  • Brute Force Detection - BFD is a shell script for parsing applicable logs and checking for authentication failures and blocks the attackers ip in the firewall

  • SSH Securing -For a better security of ssh connections.
  • Host.conf Hardening -Prevents IP spoofing and dns poisoning
  • Sysctl.conf Hardening - Prevents syn-flood attacks and other network abuses.
  • FTP Hardening - Secure FTP software by upgrading to latest version
  • TMP Hardening -Hardening /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm for preventing the execution of malicious scripts and codes.

  • Secure and Optimize Apache - Tweak apache for a betterperformance, stability and security.

  • WHM Tweaking - Tweak WHM for better security and performance.
  • PHP Tightening- Tweak PHP by changing the parameters of php configuration for better security and performance.

  • PHP Upgarde - Compile PHP to its latest stable version which increases server security.
  • Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection - Protection against Telnet/SSH users using all of the server resources and causing a system crash.

  • Firewall Admin- Firewall Admin is a web administration tool tomanage linux netfilter (iptables) rules through WHM.

  • Removal of unwanted softwares- Removing unwanted softwares/applications/upgrades and therebysecuring server from exploits.

  • Removal of old logs - Deleting unwanted old logs (mail, apache. mysql, dns, ftp) and thereby increasing the free space in the server.

  • ClamAV - Is a cross-platform antivirus software tool-kit able to detect many types of malicious software, including viruses

  • Mailmon - Mailmon is a mail server monitor
  • System Integrity Monitor -Service monitoring of HTTP, FTP, DNS, SSH, MYSQL & more
  • SPRI - Tool for changing the priority of different processess running in the server according to the level of importance and thereby increasing the performance of the server.

  • MySQL optimization - Optimize MySQL value for better performance and stability
  • Root Logger- Notification of root access when someone login as root in the server along with the timestamp and ipaddress information.

  • MyTOP - A console-based (non-gui) tool for monitoring the threads and overall performance of a MySQL

  • MultiTail - MultiTail is a program for monitoring multiple log files, in the fashion of the original tail program

  • Filemanager - Filemanager is a web based tool for managing files on your server through WHM

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